• Elia Hutchins

Many Reasons to Call Santa Rosa Home

Photo credit: "FountainGrove Round Barn in Santa Rosa" by mcgrayjr

Welcome, 2021! Indeed everyone was ecstatic to turn a chapter and say goodbye to 2020. The new year holds great promise for many reasons, especially Coronavirus vaccines that will hopefully roll out to everyone by the first half of the year. We will soon see a return to normalcy in our lives and businesses. We’ll be able to partake in all the activities that we used to do with our friends and family, from dining to vacations, parties, reunions, and travel.

I was delighted to see my hometown, Santa Rosa, in beautiful Sonoma County, an integral part of the wine country, recently profiled in the New York Times. The article “52 Places You’ll Love in 2021” showcased exotic places around the world, from a remote Norwegian island to a New Zealand fjord to a hidden Costa Rican beach. The article selected a mere nine regions within the U.S. Once traveling resumes back to normal, I hope readers take the article's advice and come visit Santa Rosa. Growing up in Santa Rosa, I have many, many fond memories. As a toddler, my family lived in Healdsburg. Rolling vineyards were always present on 101, but the wine industry hadn't even really taken root back then. Other memories include romping in Doyal Park's playground and learning to ice skate at the "Ice Arena" (yes, the one built by "Peanuts" creator Charles Shultz for non-locals). Fun annual events include the Sonoma County fair, complete with horse racing, and the Fourth of July fireworks at the J.C. Everyone loves Howarth Park and Annadel's excellent trails -- perfect for mountain bike riding, running, or walking. We'd escape to the Russian River or Goat Rock beach during summer heatwaves. Whenever we went to Bodega Bay, we'd always drive by the Little School House captured in Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie, The Birds. (Trivia note: The Birds was not the only Hitchcock filmed in beautiful Sonoma County.) Indeed, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County have blossomed so much over the years.

Yes, our city is truly majestic. There are many notable Santa Rosa hallmarks, such as Luther Burbank Gardens. There is a profusion of wineries, fruit orchards, organic produce, and more. The city is close to the ocean, rivers, redwoods, all cradled within beautiful hills and valleys with Mount St. Helena towering above. Santa Rosa is one hour from San Francisco (excluding traffic), a few hours from Tahoe, and if you go north, beautiful country and vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, leading to Fort Bragg, Sea Ranch, and more. I hope people come to visit, fall in love, and decide to relocate and call Santa Rosa -- home. Oh, and if you should decide to move to Santa Rosa and need to buy a house, give me a call, so I can be your trusty guide to find and buy your forever home!

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